Books On Chaucer


This is a list of reading editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, among other books about the Tales.

The Canterbury Tales: Fifteen Tales and the General Prologue (Norton Critical Editions)
The Norton Critical Edition of The Canterbury Tales is a standard text for college students. It is affordable but well annotated.

The Complete Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer
This edition by John H. Fisher and Mark Allen is well suited for those who want to understand the work in depth. The comprehensive notes and glossary are a great resource.

The Canterbury Tales
Good edition for instructors and graduate students, this book provides an overview and sections on language, pronunciation, versification, as well as a history of Chaucer’s life.

Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds
A detailed background and sources edition for in depth study.

The Ellesmere Manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (Treasures from the Huntington Library)
A Huntington Library historical classic, the “Ellesmere Chaucer” of the Canterbury Tales was created within just a few years of Chaucer’s death.

The Ellesmere Chaucer: Essays in Interpretation
A companion to the Ellesmere Chaucer above, this book contains fourteen essays by various international scholars.