This site was launched to share resources for learning about Geoffrey Chaucer, and his most famous literary work – The Canterbury Tales.

Arguably the most highly influential Western literary figure of the Middle Ages, Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in the Middle English vernacular of the 14th Century, establishing the roots of modern English as it is written today.

The first eighteen lines of The Canterbury Tales General Prologue are the sole focus of this web site. It sets the stage for the story, and it’s a wonderful introduction to the richness and beauty of Middle English language.

I dedicate this site to Valerie Lagorio, my professor in medieval literature at the University of Iowa. She was a one of a kind teacher and brought Chaucer to life for me and her students in an amazing way. Here are a few more links about this gifted educator: Books At Iowa – The Roxbury CollectionGoogle Books; Google Scholar; Abe Used Books.


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